Electrical Work Specialties

Electrical Work Specialties

What is it like to work in the electrical industry?

It’s earn-while-you-learn. It’s educational, but it’s also a career propelling job that pays on its first day. You’re there to ask questions and get on the job experience developing applicable career skills, but you’re also there to help. You are ready with whatever the journeyman needs before they need it.

What many students love about the job is the variety. No day is ever the same. You’ll face new challenges every day.

This work is unique in that it is highly mechanical, technical, and professional. Sometimes heavy lifting is required – carrying materials, ladders, tools; you’ll climb ladders, scaffolding and work with heights. Proficient math and reading skills are also essential. You’ll get your hands dirty, but you’ll also use your mind plenty too.

By its very nature, the work can be hazardous. A great deal of precaution, care and adherence to safety standards is required. Faulty installations can be extremely dangerous and a potential fire hazard. Much of the completed work is hidden from view, and any defect can not only cause serious damage but be hazardous and expensive to fix. To the well-trained electrical worker, technical correctness, structural soundness, and a clean appearance of each completed job is essential.